Photobucket Embedded Gallery HTTPS Support – PHP Proxy Script

It has been a tough few years for photobucket’s reputation… In 2017 they launched their new paid “P500” plan, holding millions billions of images on the web to ransom and demanding $400 per year, which unsurprisingly, didn’t go down well… For a recent website, I needed to use photobucket because they offer an email-to-upload service … [Read more…]

Xiaomi Mi Home Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner – Fake vs Real replacement parts kit (fake sweeper brushes, fake roller brushes, fake filter)

If you’re looking for replacement parts for your Xiaomi Robot Vacuum cleaner, just be aware that there are a lot of fake (3rd party) replacement components for sale on the market. I am not sure if the quality is measurably worse, but the genuine components sell for 3x to 4x the price of the aftermarket … [Read more…]