Marlin 2.0 Compatibility with Chinese 32-bit 3D Printer Motherboards

A follow up to a previous post, this is a listing of all the chinese 3D printer motherboards I could find, along with their CPU. I’m noticing that STM32 is overwhelmingly the most popular choice. Additionally, the STM32F103ZET6 seems to be the most popular selected CPU as well. Considering alternate firmware options for these boards, since Marlin is not designed for a colour TFT display with touch UI, I am wondering whether a new fork is a better option, rather than trying to bend Marlin 2.0 to fit.

CPU Type


  • Printer/Motherboard Model  – Firmware info

Printers with working Marlin 2.0 firmware linked in green.

STM32F1 (ARM Cortex-M3)

STM32F103C8T6 (64K 128K flash)

STM32F103ZET6 (512K flash)

STM32F103VET6 (512K flash)

STM32F107VCT6 (256K flash)

  • MKS TFT32 / TFT28 LCD module – Proprietary firmware

STM32F103RCT6 (256K flash)

STM32F1 unidentified

STM32F4 (ARM Cortex-M4)



  1. Looking into getting the STM32F103 firmware off my XViCO board. I have an ST Nucleo board, which has an ST-Link built-in, so it should be possible.

    Note that I can find identical copies of my board and screen on AliExpress by searching for “stm32f103 3d”. One of the buyers on store “3D Super Shop” even complains that the board came with “XViCO firmware”.

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