Kailo: an independent review

If you’re reading this, you’re probably in pain. Pain sucks, and I can fully understand the idea of being “willing to try anything”. However, Kailo smelled suspiciously like a scam from day one. I’ve posted a number of articles about Kailo and nCap, and about their claims for how kailo works, and the discussions in … [Read more…]

Kailo Pain Relief Pads: Ask me anything!

kailo does it work

Well, I said I wouldn’t do it … but I did it anyway. In the name of science, I bought a Kailo with my own money. $119 freedom dollars from Amazon USA. Plus international shipping and freight to Australia, and this pad certainly was no bargain. I think it’s time to give some factual answers … [Read more…]

What they don’t teach you in school. ICYDK.

I’m sure we all have moments in our lives, where we see people do things, or say things, and we go “How did they learn to do that? Where did they find that out? Who told them that?”.  These things make up the “you should have known that”, the “its just common sense”, the “I … [Read more…]

Replacement lipo batteries for Palm OS devices & PDAs

Ok, here’s a hot tip for refurbishing Palm & PDA devices with dead batteries. If you search “palm battery tx” or whatever, on ebay or aliexpress, you’re bound to find lots of batteries with this “CS” logo. That is Cameron Sino , who have batteries for almost every model out there. They do not sell … [Read more…]