I got SSD-suckered – PNY CS1030 QLC Flash Switcheroo

As a photographer, techie, movie buff, and (infrequently) gamer, I am a data-hog. As much as I love SSD’s, to date, they have been too cost–prohibitive to justify for many of my uses. With 32TB of spinning rust on my desk alone, I simply couldn’t justify it — until recently. Over the lock-down periods I … [Read more…]

Pain relief patches – Kailo, Signal, nCap, TaoPatch

I’ve moved all my content on the various pain relief patches over to a new separate site. Pain Relief Patch Reviews: Kailo Signal Pain Relief nCap TaoPatch In preparation for a pain-less (haha) return to tech geek-ery and philosophical ponderings in 2021. 🙂

The age of security, or lack thereof.

I saw a tweet today that reminded me of a quick tale from a few years ago, from before my blog existed. I’d like to think this post qualifies me as a “real hacker”™. Dear infosec Twitter, I'm looking for the crappiest IoT device I can buy on Amazon or anywhere in the EU. Something … [Read more…]