TaoPatch – Is it a scam?

I’ll try to keep this one short…. if people want to ask me a question, please leave a comment. Let’s look at the info on the Taopatch website, and then look at the evidence that Taopatch provides. If you are a Multiple-Sclerosis patient looking at Taopatch for MS treatment, please tread carefully. Don’t be persuaded … [Read more…]

The age of security, or lack thereof.

I saw a tweet today that reminded me of a quick tale from a few years ago, from before my blog existed. I’d like to think this post qualifies me as a “real hacker”™. Dear infosec Twitter, I'm looking for the crappiest IoT device I can buy on Amazon or anywhere in the EU. Something … [Read more…]

Kailo: an independent review

If you’re reading this, you’re probably in pain. Pain sucks, and I can fully understand the idea of being “willing to try anything”. However, Kailo smelled suspiciously like a scam from day one. I’ve posted a number of articles about Kailo and nCap, and about their claims for how kailo works, and the discussions in … [Read more…]

Kailo Pain Relief Pads: Ask me anything!

kailo does it work

Well, I said I wouldn’t do it … but I did it anyway. In the name of science, I bought a Kailo with my own money. $119 freedom dollars from Amazon USA. Plus international shipping and freight to Australia, and this pad certainly was no bargain. I think it’s time to give some factual answers … [Read more…]