1. Hi, I had the same issue. Turns out it was a powershell issue.
    I just needed to add the following to the path. Not all the things you mentioned.
    I had raised a ticket for this on arduino-pico core and error message has now been corrected.
    Thanks a lot for letting us know about this fix. I was totally lost for ideas till I stumbled upon this this post.

  2. Alfonso Favoretti Fonsseca

    A dica das variáveis de ambiente funcionou perfeitamente para mim. Resposta do IDE Arduino após compilação:
    Resetting COM5
    Converting to uf2, output size: 142336, start address: 0x2000
    Scanning for RP2040 devices
    Flashing E: (RPI-RP2)
    Wrote 142336 bytes to E:/NEW.UF2


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