I got SSD-suckered – PNY CS1030 QLC Flash Switcheroo

As a photographer, techie, movie buff, and (infrequently) gamer, I am a data-hog. As much as I love SSD’s, to date, they have been too cost–prohibitive to justify for many of my uses. With 32TB of spinning rust on my desk alone, I simply couldn’t justify it — until recently. Over the lock-down periods I … [Read more…]

Pain relief patches – Kailo, Signal, nCap, TaoPatch

I’ve moved all my content on the various pain relief patches over to a new separate site. Pain Relief Patch Reviews: Kailo Signal Pain Relief nCap TaoPatch In preparation for a pain-less (haha) return to tech geek-ery and philosophical ponderings in 2021. 🙂

Replacement lipo batteries for Palm OS devices & PDAs

Ok, here’s a hot tip for refurbishing Palm & PDA devices with dead batteries. If you search “palm battery tx” or whatever, on ebay or aliexpress, you’re bound to find lots of batteries with this “CS” logo. That is Cameron Sino , who have batteries for almost every model out there. They do not sell … [Read more…]

Dodgy LESHP 4K “60Hz” HDMI Adapters

In case display specifications and dongle-madness wasn’t confusing enough, here’s an example of a dodgy product to watch out for, by LESHP. I have an older 2015 Macbook Pro 15″. It has 3 display outputs: 1x HDMI port (HDMI 1.4) 2x mini-displayport ports (DP 1.2) Now, my laptop supports 4K on all ports. However, the … [Read more…]

Parasites and scumbags on the web: a hall of shame

Few people would agree with the phrase “I love and trust marketing companies”. Even having worked in marketing, I would still disagree with this statement. Marketing is primarily about finding ways to persuade people to change their behaviour, in order to commercially benefit a company. This is not hard to do, and decades of psychology … [Read more…]

eM Client CALDAV problems with iCloud Email – Subfolder Synchronization for folder “notification” failed due to the following error: Not Found

Edit: Seems to be resolved! For those suffering with this issue, please comment on the eM Client support forum so this issue gets the attention it needs: iCloud Calendar Sync problems: [CALDAV] Subfolder Synchronization for folder “notification” failed due to the following error: Not Found Thanks! Overall eM Client is great, but it’s things like … [Read more…]