Nura Headphones: First Impressions

I was fortunate enough to get a try of the groundbreaking Nura headphones prototypes earlier this week – quite amazing! I love great audio, and have spent quite a bit (though by audiophile standards – barely anything) of money on finding the right pair of headphones – and DAC. Unfortunately for me, I have fairly … [Read more…]

Port Forwarding and UPnP not Working on Advanced Tomato Firmware

Edit 15/11/17: this issue has been reported to have been fixed in shibby build 140. Just quick quirk I learned today: if you’re having issues with port forwarding or UPNP not working on Advanced Tomato or Tomato Shibby firmware, and you are connecting to a bridged DSL modem over PPPoE, check that “Use DHCP” … [Read more…]