1. Hello!
    Thank you for tutorial!
    I am trying to control Yongnuo YN600 II from Lightblue on iPhone but it seems to have different bluetooth commands for turning on/off. Is there an app that logs bluetooth on iphone so I can check the commands that Yongnuo app would send to the LED device? How can I enter 0xAEAA01FFFF56 on Bluelight, there is no x letter?
    Looking to hear from you,

    • admin

      Hi Janis,
      I was using the LightBlueLE app, but unfortunately ran into the problem since it does not log. That is why I had to resort to using the Android phone approach. “0x” is a way of writing “the following numbers are hex values”. You can leave off the 0x prefix when writing hex values into LightBlue.
      I’d be quite happy to help modify my web app (which works on iPhone via Bluefy!) to support that device, but I don’t have YN600II myself.

  2. Chris Champeau

    How hard would it be to implement some way of connecting the YN360 via bluetooth to Homebridge?

    I have played around with it, but cannot seem to get it to work correctly

    • admin

      Without knowing your skills, it’s hard to know how hard it will be for you. You can control Bluetooth LE from python. Get that part working first, and then it should be easy-ish to get into homebridge.

      • Chris Champeau

        I created a simple python script actually to control it at one point, I am just not really sure how to bridge what I know in terms of controlling it via python to homebridge. I guess I assumed I had to control it with node.js

        • admin

          Great — I would suggest to join the homebridge discord and ask for advice on there. I’m happy to help answer any questions on the Bluetooth comm side.

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