JGAurora Z-603S New Buildplate

One of the major issues with the JGAurora Z-603S (at the least the one I received in 2014…) was that the build plate had a signifiant amount of warp across the surface. I measured this warp to be about 0.2mm – this may not seem like much, but this is already up to 4 layer heights! The result of this was that I was limited to printing in a small region of the bed that I found to be reasonably flat, and was unable to take advantage of the expansive build platform available.


The light leaking under my metal ruler shows just how bad this plate is warped.

The light leaking under my metal ruler shows just how bad this plate is warped.



8 thou out!




So, I had a look for a new solution. What I ended up doing is getting a new bed fabricated, out of cast aluminum. Cast aluminium is important, as it does not warp when heated. The best part was the precision machined surface – this one is dead flat. 🙂



So shiny!



DEAD FLAT. Winner.


Where to buy

This bed was made by Vesterling Lenningen on  the “IDE-3d shop” store. You can buy this bed here:



I entered the dimensions of the old bed into Illustrator, and sent this to them to fabricate, so they have all the Z-603S measurements already.

If you would like the direct email of the seller, just leave me a comment below and I will email you his details.

They have Z-603S plates in stock and ready to sell!



  1. Mr. Steele

    This is brilliant. I will definitely be adopting this idea. Tell me, did you have to swap out any of the hardware? From the pictures, it appears you are still able to use the original screws and spacers.

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