Is the SIGNAL RELIEF pain relief patch a scam?

If you’re reading this post, you’re probably in pain, and are looking for something — anything — to help turn down the level on the pain. Signal Relief is the latest snake-oil product from nCAP. Heard of Kailo Pain relief patches? This is almost a clone product, being released by the same group of people connected with Kailo.

nCAP is not a new company. They had a previous nCAP product before “nCAP SIGNAL RELIEF“, but that product was on a shabby website that gave away the fact that this was a scam. After the massive success they had with Kailo, right now they are trying to copy the same slick marketing formula to sell yet more people a placebo product that does not have any scientific testing or evidence.

Don’t believe me yet? Read on…


nCAP logo on Signal Relief

nCAP Logo on Kailo Pain Relief Patch — they’ve done this all before…



What’s the risk with SIGNAL RELIEF pain patches? Why not give them a try?

They offer is a “100% satisfaction guaranteed” and a bunch of purely positive testimonials – how tempting! For any number of people, there will be some people for whom the placebo effect means that they do experience some level of pain relief — even when the product itself is a complete dud. Their sneaky business strategy means that even if only a few people keep the patches and don’t return them, their high price means that they still make a massive profit of desperate people in pain.

If you don’t mind being ‘tricked’ into some possible pain relief, and don’t mind paying $$$ for a piece of inactive plastic — go for it. Hey, I’ll even sell you my own bio-conductive dimagnetic copper tape magical pain relief tape for half their price… if you ask me nicely. 💸💸💸

How do SIGNAL RELIEF pain patches work?

Well, it doesn’t — and it can’t! The body’s nervous system is highly complex, and the signals from the nerves are extremely low-level.

  • They claim it works by “Neuro Capacitive Coupling” – which is a real thing, but which requires active medical devices – e.g. devices like TENS or OsteoSpine – which are powered by batteries, and which have pads that must touch the skin to work. Unlike SIGNAL RELIEF, those products have been rigorously scientifically tested, and even then they certainly don’t claim the kinds of miraculous results that SIGNAL RELIEF is offering. Signal relief even claims to be able to alleviate Cerebral Palsy symptoms! If true, you would certainly have read about it in the news….
  • There is no way a simple patch can detect which signals are pain and which are not. Try and pinch yourself — how can you tell when the signal stops being pressure and when it starts being pain? There is no difference in the kind of signal being sent.
  • If this device really did work, then putting it over your heart could be extremely dangerous if it affected the heart’s nerve signals! Or putting it on your head could send you into a coma! Perhaps thankfully, this dud pain relief patch is no danger at all, except to your wallet.
  • The body’s signals are so so weak, that we require extremely sensitive instruments to detect nerve signals with sensors placed on the skin. SIGNAL RELIEF claims to work through clothing, without touching the skin at all – impossible!
  • Since the body’s nerve signals are weak, to detect them requires a sensitive amplifier — which requires power to operate. This patch has no power source!
  • I’ve looked at the nCAP “technology” found in Kailo under an scanning electron microscope — and I can tell you, this device is just copper powder in a plastic sheet. No special “nano-technology” <insert buzzword> here!


Still don’t believe they are a scam? Have a read of my posts on Kailo Pain Relief — you’ll quickly see that these are just the same product under a different name and a new look…

Don’t say I didn’t warn you! Give these snake-oil salesmen your money at your own risk!


    • admin

      Hi Josh, great question.

      Simple answer, there are two reasons:

      (1) they have a fine-print disclaimer that dilutes many of their claims (see below).

      The testimonials, statements, and opinions presented on our website are applicable to the individuals. Results will vary and may not be representative of the experience of others. The testimonials are voluntarily provided by actual customers. The testimonials are representative of the users experience but the exact results and experiences will be unique and individual to each user. Reviews containing references to drug names or submitted by non customers have been removed.

      (2) They appear to be trying to avoid making statements of cure or treatment, they are likely hoping that they will not be assessed as a medical device, so the FDA will not regulate them.

      nCAP Signal Relief is a General Wellness Technology and does not eliminate the cause of your pain, and is not a cure for disease, but it does provide a simple, reusable, wearable solution for pain relief to maintain an active lifestyle.

      Why is it not false advertising? Well, they are very careful in the language they use, to never guarantee that you will see any results at all. Very sly.

    • Jim

      I suffer phantom limb pain attacks I’m sorry to say after 30 years Fentanyl Works be careful and honest beware of developing a tolerance use it only when you can’t stand the pain anymore eg: 20-30 hr.ji

      • admin

        Hey Jim, thanks for your comment. It’s a bit of a knife edge dance I imagine. Let’s hope science progresses and that other effective alternatives open up. Best, Sam

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