1. patricia ann eads

    Well guess what? If you have experienced alternative healing techniques… Reiki, Rolfing,Meditation,Acupunture etc.
    Then you know the body is electric and magnetic.
    Vudu not needed.
    These crazy little patches worked for my roommate and myself. I am very grateful for this technology. Not perfect, adhesive strips woefully inadequate, there are cheap ways to get around this. Money back for those who simply want to try.

    • admin

      Yes, for people who don’t care if this is a scam or not, and who don’t care if they are paying $120 or not for a placebo pill, I too highly recommend spending money on non-scientific treatments like Kailo out of sheer desperation for pain relief.

  2. Jonathan Smyth

    I saw a YouTube ad and came across this website after being infuriated by the claims. I feel like their marketing materials are crossing the threshold of allowable bullshit for non-medical products. Maybe a formal complaint with the FDA would be appropriate?

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