1. Damian

    Same here, he’s ignoring my emails now…
    I sent him x3 Azteeg X5 V3 mini boards that needed some work… that was 5 months ago, and he kept fobbing me off.
    Last email from him said:
    I dont have the tracking at hand right now since it was shipped over the counter at the post office.
    Rest assured it is on its way to you. Once i get the tracking from the shipping guy i will send it to you right away.
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  2. Damian


    Stil nothing, I continue to send emails asking for my three missing boards.
    He and his staff continue to ignore my emails…

    No tracking number…
    and a lot of money down the drain…
    I had also bought 3 of the Viki 2.0 LCD screens….
    Useless to me without azteeg boards…

    So my loss here is significant…

    I should have kept the PayPal case open, and had my money back…
    But he assured me we could handle this without a paypal resolution case…

  3. Marty

    Same experience for me as with Damian, only I guess I took a lesser hit since I only sent back a single X5 V3 board. It’s been 11 months since my initial ticket with him, 8 months since he has completely stopped responding. I’ve opened multiple tickets, sent emails, and got nothing. Once upon a time I even managed to track down a phone number which no one picked up. At this point my board isn’t even listed on his website, so fat chance I’ll ever get something back.

    I had high hopes for the Azteeg board. It worked great for a little bit, and probably would have kept going after getting it repaired. I’m even tempted to get one of the newer models, but I’ll be d***ed if I buy anything from Panucatt again. I get it’s a one man show and it’s hard to keep up, but if the man is straight up refusing to give back my $100+ product then he’ll never have business from me again. And I would recommend others NOT to bother. Stick with a more reliable supplier. It’s not hard to find one, just throw a rock.

    • admin

      Sorry to hear that Marty! Hopefully people find this page and heed the warning, and Roy gets the message that it is just not acceptable! Thanks for posting your experience.

      I personally went with the Smoothieboard Duet Wifi board, rather than buying the Panucatt Azteeg X5.

  4. Arron

    Same issue here! Purchased an Azteeg X5 GT and was defective upon arrival. Panucatt was quick to respond when I asked about shipping before the purchase but now after purchasing impossible to get ahold of. Very disappointing because I really like the tech specs of some of their products.

    • admin

      Sorry to hear that Arron! All we can do is chase up with paypal, and share this advice to avoid this company. Really sad as they look like great devices on paper. I almost bought an X5 GT myself, but thankfully for me was only burnt with a smaller purchase of stepper drivers. 🙁

      • Arron

        Interesting update. Roy from Panucatt responded and was actually very helpful in diagnosing the issue with my board. He offered to send a new board on account of the fact it is likely hardware related. Hoping that works out and I get this thing working!

  5. River Delta

    I bought a Re-Arm, RAMPS 1.6+, and Watterott TMC2208, avoiding clones since it’s replacing the motherboard from what used to be an Anet A8. It does before I even got my printer working because it basically needs first party displays and won’t co-operate with my BIQU TFT24, at least not over a serial connection capable of handling touch functionally (there’s an alternate way using the RAMPS “smart adapter” that’s not smart at all since it can’t handle touch). I’m glad I noticed the CPU and a smaller IC exploded before ordering a display.

    Roy isn’t getting any more of my money unless I get a new Re-Arm.

  6. River Delta

    I should add that he did reply to me within a couple days, and I was able to send him a picture of it. I’m still waiting on a follow-up.

    I’m going to suggest he hires someone to help him. It’s unrealistic for him to do it all himself at this point. I worked at a computer store owned by a control freak workaholic that would forgo sleep for 4-5 days at a time (and was very irrational, my last position was supposed to take some of his workload, but he’d take things back and scream at me for not doing anything). His business could have survived online until it was allowed to reopen, but he probably got sick, and nobody was around to attempt to figure out which suppliers motherboards came from, and now the business no longer exists.

    All his hard work, starting from having to work a second job just to keep the store open for an entire year, just gone, because I wouldn’t let anyone help.

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