1. Maggie Smith

    Just bought you a chai!

    It’s a thank you for snapping me back to my senses with questions of science, and maybe just some common sense, regarding the Kailo pain device.

    Pain is a great motivator. It makes one desperate after a while. So, in spite of my skepticism, I was seriously considering purchasing the device in hopes that there really was “new” technology for relieving the back and hip pain I have been suffering for over three years. After all, like the testimonials on the crowdfunding and Kailo web sites, I have tried just about everything else to alleviate my pain.

    Then, I found the link to your comments/responses at the bottom of nerdtechy’s review of the device (which seems, in retrospect, an awful lot like a paid product placement). And, I was saved…from my self!

    After reviewing and appreciating your questions asked and answers provided, just like that, #poof#, their marketing spell was broken. Glad I found your page.

    Thank you.

    • admin

      Dear Maggie,

      Thank you for taking the time to comment, and also for your kind gesture. At first after seeing your comment I had a lot of joy, realising that this post might have helped one less person get ripped off.

      At the same time I am also reminded that like many I know, you probably have long-term pains, and it is disappointing that currently there is no magic bullet that I have to offer in alternative.

      I wish you well, and hope that science can continue to advance and help us to discover real lasting options for pain relief.

      God bless,

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